Singing and Dancing

Song and gesture belong to every culture and in the breadth of their expressions are central shapers of ritual because they are the human practices that give us communication (including speech) and community. For almost forty years All Saints Company has worked to recover and renew ways of teaching and practicing singing and dance to draw people into deeper participation and relationship with one another.






7 Reasons to Sing
Marilyn Haskel explains from St. Paul's Chapel, NYC
Atlanta: Rejoice and Sing with Me
led by Marilyn Haskel (2009)
Boston: Dying You Destroyed Our Death
led by participants at MMC Boston (2009)
Boston: In the Morning
led by Marilyn Haskel (2009)
Boston: Open My Heart
led by Ana Hernandez (2009)
Boston: Pakistani Chant
led by Scott Weidler (2009)
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Daily Episcopalian Article about MMC Sonoma Experience
Episcopal priest to lead workshop on singing together
An article that appeared in the Constra Costa Times
Fifteen Week Cycle of Psalms
Rick Fabian's Cycle of Psalms