Lady Godiva's Horse

According to local legend, the revered English philanthropist Lady Godiva had appealed to her noble husband to cut Coventry’s taxes.  When he at first refused, she stripped off her rich robes and rode naked through town on her horse until he relented.  The icon committee refused Rector Rick Fabian’s fundraising suggestion: to auction off the right to design Lady Godiva’s pasties. Only Godiva’s horse knows how much of this legend really happened after all.


Lady Godiva and three other saints portrayed with animals - Seraphim, Francis of Assisi and Sadi, remind us that God's work of creation extends to all creatures, and that some had known God in companionship with animals or through imaginative and compassionate reflection on the stories of animals.


The Dancing Saints Icons project at Saint Gregory Nyssen Episcopal Church, San Francisco is a multi-year installation project supported by All Saints Company, the congregation of Saint Gregory Nyssen Church and many donors and benefactors. The iconographer is Mark Dukes.

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