Music that Makes Community XX - New York City

October 25, 2012 - 8:30am to October 27, 2012 - 2:00pm
St.Paul's Chapel & Trinity Wall Street
209 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

Music that Makes Community renews ancient ways of singing together, sharing music as people did before music or words were written. New compositions by a wide range of composers, music from the church around the owrld, and new ways of using traditional tunes make this practice as traditional and contemporary as music can be.

Our skilled leaders who introduce the practice will coach everyone in this way of leading music. Workshop participants from the least experienced singers to professional, trained church musicians learn together by doing. Through the practice of generous leadership, singing this way builds community and supports healthy theology, full engagement and direct interactioin amoung all participants in liturgy. Leaders will give witness and join in conversation exploring what this music practice brings to Sunday liturgies, and smaller gatherings, and share stories of it's power for congregational transformation.  See this music being taught in video clips from previous Music that Makes Community events.

The workshops equip music directors, organists, clergy and lay leaders of the church to lead music effectively without the use of screens, hymnals or other printed materials. Learning music by ear and by heart gives singing back to congregations with very limited resources. And for those with extensive choral and instrumental music programs, it's proven an effective tool for building congregational singing, freeing voices that never sang in church and encouraging people at every level of musical literacy to sing from their natural musical competence.


Patrick Evans - Teacher/Musician

Rick Fabian - Teacher/Priest - All Saints Company - San Francisco

Marilyn Haskel - Composer/Musician

Donald Schell - Teacher/Priest - All Saints Company - San Francisco

Emily Scott - Church Planter/Musician

Daniel Simons - Teacher/Priest

Paul Vasile - Composer/Musician

Additional leaders pending


$275 Before 8/30/12
$350 After 8/30/12



Special Group Rates Available and require payment at time of registration.
Groups of 3 or 4: $275
Groups of 5 or more: $250
To register a group please email

All Saints Company heavily subsidizes our events so that we can honor the hard work and budgets of churches and communities. Your contribution will make available the participation of seminarians and others who may need to attend at reduced rates.